Four NI windfarms switched on in December

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A green energy company is helping to power Christmas by switching on four windfarms in Northern Ireland during December.

Energia Renewables windfarms at Long Mountain, Co Antrim (27 MWs), Glenbuck, Co Antrim (9MWs), Gortfinbar, Co Tyrone (15MWs) and Eshmore, Co Tyrone (7MWs) were all connected last week and have started supplying power to homes and businesses throughout the island.

Together with Energia’s 95MW windfarm at Meenadreen in south Donegal, the company has added 153MW of new green energy capacity to the energy network on the island of Ireland since September. This is enough energy to power 100,000 households.

As a result, the island’s carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 145,000 tonnes each year.

Energia Renewables is among Ireland’s leading providers of sustainable green energy and 25% of Ireland’s wind power is provided through Energia to homes and businesses.

Peter Baillie, Managing Director of Energia said: “Since 2008 Energia has invested over €300m in developing new windfarms. This brings the total number of turbines erected by the team to over 124 since 2008.

“This work is already helping the island of Ireland to reach its 2020 targets.”