White-tailed eagle found dead in Lisnaskea

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The Irish Wildlife Trust has revealed that a white-tailed eagle has been found dead.

The discovery was made in Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “We are sorry to bring you the terrible news that another white-tailed eagle has been found dead.

“Ingar was a male born in 2009 who had spent a lot of time around Lough Erne.

“It had been hoped that he was going to set up a territory on the lake and take a mate but sadly this is not to be.

“With a long life span and small reproductive output, every eagle is important in the reintroduction scheme and every loss a heavy, heavy blow.

“People on this island, north and south, need to unite to stamp out the persecution of all our wildlife, especially birds of prey.”