Ex-England star slammed over anti-unionist outburst

Stan Collymore
Stan Collymore

There have been calls for the sacking of radio pundit Stan Collymore after the TalkSport host’s foul-mouthed outburst against unionists in Northern Ireland.

On Saturday, the former Liverpool and England player posted a message on this Twitter page saying they should repatriate to Britain.

A short time earlier, he said Britain had “thieved” the Falkland Islands.

He said: “Wasn’t anyone’s. We just thieved it, as we do. What glory, what triumph. A f***ing island with sheep.”

His comments led to a flurry of online responses – including some from veterans of the 1982 war with Argentina.

One former Royal Navy gunner described the comments as “outrageous”.

He said: “I had a lot of friends that died in the Falklands. He needs to be sacked from TalkSport for a start. I am just so angry.”

Responding to one person who said “what happens to the British people in Northern Ireland?” Collymore replied: “F*** off back to Britain.”

DUP MP Gregory Campbell told the BBC’s Nolan radio show yesterday there should be “repercussions” in relation to the presenter’s employment.

Collymore’s comments were made just hours after he announced he had been signed up as a guest pundit for Match Of The Day 2 next season.