Ex-government spin doctor David Gordon returns to Nolan Show

David Gordon had taken up his government post in September
David Gordon had taken up his government post in September

The former editor of the Nolan Show has now returned to the programme after having left last year to be the chief spin doctor in the Province’s government.

He is working as the show’s producer – although the BBC said that he is now only there “temporarily” on a “casual, freelance basis”.

It was only announced in mid-September last year that Mr Gordon was leaving the Nolan Show in order to become the top spokesman at the Executive Office (formerly known as the Office for the First and Deputy First Minister).

Only a couple of months later the RHI scandal began to emerge into the public spotlight, and December and January were dominated by the scandal – culminating in the collapse of the DUP-Sinn Fein government and triggering of a new Assembly election.

Steven Nolan raised the issue of his return to the show on Monday’s broadcast, stating: “This man who wrote complaints about me when he was up working for the DUPers and the Shinners is now back working for me.”

Mr Nolan joked that he had invited David Gordon to return after finding him “sitting on the edge of the footpath outside DUP headquarters” with “no money and no food”.

Mr Gordon took up his £74,500-a-year Stormont post (which had not been advertised) after being approached by the then-first and deputy first minister.

He had previously worked for The Belfast Telegraph, and began in the industry at the Larne Times and Newtownabbey Times.

The BBC would not say precisely how long he is set to be at the Nolan Show for, though it is thought to be a short period.

It is understood he may be covering for a member of staff.