Family of Bangor man murdered in Myanmar appeal for help to catch killer

The family of a Northern Ireland man killed in Burma has appealed for help in tracking down the person who killed his brother.

Bangor man Gary Ferguson who was killed in Myanmar on November 5. The man suspected of killing him is on the run
Bangor man Gary Ferguson who was killed in Myanmar on November 5. The man suspected of killing him is on the run

On Sunday, November 5, Gary Ferguson was found dead with chest and head injuries in Myanmar (formerly Burma) at the flat of his work colleague Harris Binotti, who is suspected of Mr Ferguson’s murder.

The 47-year-old teacher, who is originally from Bangor, had been living in the country with his wife and four-year-old son.

His older brother Martin, who now lives in the Netherlands, said the family was concerned not enough was being done to apprehend the prime suspect, Mr Binotti, 25, from Dumfries who took a flight to Thailand the day before Mr Ferguson’s body was found.

He said: “Our goal is to get Interpol into the investigation as the suspect is still on the run.

“What measures have been taken by the Myanmar police to stop him from travelling abroad? Has his passport been blocked and put in a database?”

Gary Ferguson, a peace-loving individual with a passion for travel, had been living with his wife Supatchaya Sichompor and four-year-old son Jeremy in Myanmar.

His brother said: “Gary was a peace-loving person, he was a pacifist. He hated injustice in the world, war and things like that.

“I could have talked with him for hours on end about world affairs. He was very concerned about how the world was going, a humanitarian.

“We, as a family, feel that we have been robbed of a dear brother and father who had so much to offer this world.”

He continued: “Gary loved to teach and educate people from all places in life.

“He travelled the world extensively, from Zimbabwe, India, Tibet, Korea and Australia, China and Thailand, particularly Asia he adored, the Thai islands, meeting with friends and enjoying music.

“When he became a father of Jeremy he knew it was time to be responsible and settle down.

“His friends are shocked and in disbelief. We’ve received so many kind messages from all over the world to say how unbelievable this is for them. That they planned to meet up or visit in the near future.”

Martin added: “We as a family are asking the public to be vigilant and help find and get justice for our beloved Gary. His son of four will have to grow up without his dad, and his wife without the love and financial support that Gary provided.

“We as a family would appreciate all help given to apprehend the suspected murderer of our dear Gary.

“Please do not hesitate to call your local police or Interpol.”