Farewell to weekend of frost as mild weather is forecast

A Belfast City Council sweeper amid the snow on the Stewartstown Road, Belfast
A Belfast City Council sweeper amid the snow on the Stewartstown Road, Belfast

Ulster is in store for milder weather conditions in coming days after being battered and bruised with persistent rainfall, snow showers and freezing temperatures last week.

On Saturday evening the Glenshane Pass in Co Londonderry re-opened after heavy snowfall forced authorities to close the road earlier in the day.

And also in Co Londonderry on Saturday, unexpected snowfall brought traffic chaos to the Magherafelt area.

Met office spokesman Stuart Brooks said: “The cold weather is on its way out for Northern Ireland now.

“On Sunday temperatures rose from the south extending into Belfast and onto the north east.”

He said it would be “drier in the overnight period (Sunday into Monday) and we are not looking at frost returning”.

He said that temperatures on Monday would be “6-8 degrees Celsius and even higher at the east coast”.

On Monday, he added, “the milder weather will see temperatures of around seven to eight degrees Celsius during the day and this will remain into the night time”.

“On Monday night there will be a south easterly breeze and light rain in Armagh and Down but other wise it will be relatively mild.

“It should be mild and frost free on Tuesday morning as well.”

Mr Brooks said weather on Tuesday “will be a little windier with a few bits and pieces of light rain during the day”.

He said Tuesday night “will be another mild one with temperatures of eight or nine degrees Celsius and this will last into Wednesdsay and Thursday”.

When asked if the welcome mild weather means our winter had passed, he said: “There are still three or four months with potential left for that. But, in the short term, the week ahead looks mild with no wintry problems at all.

“Next week will be wet at times from Tuesday night on. But Monday and Tuesday will be relatively dry.”

On Sunday a number of roads in Co Fermanagh remained impassable after earlier flooding and in Enniskillen, where Upper and Lower Lough Erne meet.