Farmer’s appeal on tractor theft

The tractor that was stolen during the Co Tyrone theft
The tractor that was stolen during the Co Tyrone theft

A farmer in County Tyrone has appealed for the public’s help over the theft of his tractor over the weekend.

Aaron Mullan, whose farm is based in the townland of Renally, near Omagh, just off the A5, discovered that his tractor had been stolen on Saturday morning.

He believes that the P7 200 model was taken sometime between 11pm on Friday night and 7am on Saturday morning.

The tractor was valued at £70,000 and Mr Mullan believes he will require up to £75,000 to replace it with a new model.

“From the tyre tracks it seems they have taken the tractor over fences and hedges and into neighbours’ land before they made it out onto the main A5.

“The tracks seem to suggest it was taken towards Omagh but I have spoken to the police and they have told me they are unable to access cameras until Monday morning, which to me isn’t good enough.”

As well as causing real financial hardship for the family farm, the theft will present practical problems for Mr Mullan.

“It’s likely that the insurers will not pay out for the theft for a year,” he added.

“It’s a real problem for us, it’s our main transportation between out-farms as well. We just hope someone is able to help us find it and help the police track down whoever was responsible.”