Fast and furious trade for cattle stock at Lisahally

An exceptional entry of cattle stock sold to a fast and furious trade at Lisahally.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th September 2016, 10:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:06 pm

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS - F Hempton £1340/620kg, £1320/630kg, £1290/610kg, Donald Sayers £1320/800kg, Robert Blackburn £1270/670kg, J and H Foster £1240/640kg, £1210/620kg, £1190/620kg, £1155/670kg, £1145/610kg, £1135/600kg, £1110/580kg, £1100/600kg, £1090/590kg, £1070/600kg, £1065/590kg, £1050/620kg, John LIndsay £1215/650kg, Robert Blackburn £1200/660kg, £1195/650kg, £1145/610kg, Loughlin Conn £1100/540kg, £1035/540kg, £1035/520kg, Robert Blackburn £1080/600kg, £1030/600kg, Steven Robinson £1080/550kg, G Christie £1035/520kg, Hamilton Sayers £1020/640kg, W Kennedy £1000/470kg, £1000/590kg, £985/520kg, R Killen £1000/630kg, Hamilton Sayers £980/530kg.

HEIFERS - F Harpur £1190/570kg, £1180/580kg, John Lindsay £1170/600kg, Kieran McShane £1140/560kg, Kelly Farms £1125/550kg, Kieran McShane £1100/550kg, John Lindsay £1100/580kg, Kelly Farms £1075/620kg, Samuel Thompson £1065/530kg, Aidan McLaughlin £1055/540kg, £1055/560kg, £1040/510kg, £1030/540kg, Ellen Brolly £1040, Alaistair Glen £1040/560kg, Aiden McLaughlin £1015/520kg, Samuel Thomson £1000/500kg, Kelly Farms £1000/650kg, John Lindsay £990/560kg, Kieran McShane £990/530kg, £990/470kg, Alastair Glen £985/580kg.

FAT COWS - Charlie McShane £980.40/760kg, Hamilton Sayers £884/680kg, £793.60/620kg, £772.90/590kg, W Kennedy £761.60/640kg, £712.50/570kg, W and D Devine £742/700kg, Jim Blair £665.60/520kg, £637.20/540kg, £594/550kg, J McGuinness £601.80/590kg.

Another great entry of stock with lambs selling to £102 and store lambs £70. Fat ewes £84.20 and breeding hoggets £137.

FAT LAMBS - A and J Carmichael £102, £90, Brian Johnston £80.80/23kg, William Allen £80.50/25kg, Robert McCloy £79/23kg, Robert Houston £79/23kg, David Smyth £79/23kg, Robert Blackburn £77.50/23kg, Edward Quigley £77.50/23kg, S Devine £77/23kg, Ollsen Allen £76/22kg, Alwyn Fleming £75.50/22kg, Paul Duffy £75/22kg, Norman McFarland £74/22kg, Stephen Smyth £73/22kg, Alan McMurray £72.50/21kg, Patrick Duffy £71.50/21kg.

STORE LAMBS - David Crockett £70, Jenny Maxwell £70, Gerard Doherty £68.50, E Elder £68, Samuel McBeth £66.80, John McKinley £66, David Crockett £66, William Orr £65.80, Andrew McKinley £65, Mervyn McKinley £65, E Elder £65, Michael McAneney £64.50.

FAT EWES - A Rafferty £84.20, £82.60, £80,JJ Dalton £66.50, Robert McCloy £66, James Proctor £63, Howard Fulton £84, £80, C Daly £78, £76,£63, Olsen Allen £62, John Mark £60, John Watson £60, Jenny Maxwell £59.

BREEDING HOGGETS - Clive Connell £137, S Moore £137, £135, £130, £126, £123, £120, Robert Tinney £118, £116, £112, £106, F Spence £112, £110, £108, Clive Connell £110, Patrick Proctor £100, £98.