Foreign workers ‘show how lazy Britons are’

Chef Gordon Ramsay
Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay has called British people lazy – saying that an influx of foreign workers in the country proves it.

The foul-mouthed star, 50, who has 31 restaurants, said that any curb on EU migrant labour, with Brexit, could be a wake-up call to the industry.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay

He told Radio Times magazine: “That level of influx of multinational workers in this country has sort of confirmed how lazy as a nation we are – when individuals from across the seas are prepared to come and work twice as hard for less money.

“If anything, it’s a big kick up the ass for the industry, and it’s going to get back to the modern-day apprenticeship.

“So not only do I welcome that kind of change, but I think it’s going to put a lot more emphasis on homegrown talent, which I think we need to do.”

Ramsay, who has four children with wife Tana, was speaking as he promoted his new ITV documentary about cocaine.

He was shocked when he was asked by diners to garnish a souffle with cocaine and found traces of the drug in the toilets of nearly all his restaurants.

Ramsay admitted that he was put off drugs early because of his younger brother Ronnie, a long-term heroin addict, who has now been missing for six months.

He said of a situation last December: “He turned up outside the (three Michelin-starred) restaurant at Royal Hospital Road begging customers for money and we had to get the police to move him on. It was that bad.”

In June, Ramsay’s father-in-law Chris Hutcheson was jailed for six months for computer hacking as part of a feud with the celebrity chef.

Hutcheson, 69, was jailed for conspiring to access The F-Word star’s and other Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited staff emails hundreds of times over the space of five months in 2010 and 2011.

He has now been released from prison and Ramsay said that he and his wife were looking to the future.