‘Frank’ floods animal charity

Samantha Phillips with a pup and Shetland Pony called Oliver at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary
Samantha Phillips with a pup and Shetland Pony called Oliver at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Volunteers at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary near Antrim have appealed for help after Storm Frank sent torrents of flood water through their property.

The charity - whose office is staffed purely by volunteers - has a primary focus on horses and ponies but helps all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.

It is understood the charity currently shelters 58 horses, 28 cats, about 16 dogs and 20 chickens.

In a video posted online, taken during Storm Frank, a torrent of water looking and sounding like a small river could be seen running right past the door of the charity’s store - resulting in the building being flooded, with the loss of feed and soaked blankets and bedding.

A spokeswoman said: “Our yard was completely flooded by Storm Frank and unfortunately our main storage area has been hit worst.

“Despite our efforts to divert the worst of the flood water, we were fighting a lost battle.

“Thankfully all the animals are safe and we didn’t lose too much in terms of feed or supplies. We do, however, have a few leaky roofs and some damaged guttering.”

The sanctuary is committed to helping all kinds of animals and believes it is the only welfare and rescue organisation for horses and ponies in Northern Ireland.

Appealing for assistance following the flooding, it added: “If anyone can help with roof and guttering repairs or with helping us to sort drainage for storm water please get in touch via email at crosskennan@hotmail.co.uk.”

Aside from the impact of the storm, the charity recently posted an appeal for help on its website, noting the extra strain the winter weather was placing on its resources.

“Darker nights mean more lighting has to be used to ensure we get all of our daily work finished, the wet weather means changing bedding and using more towels to dry our animals off after they have been out in the elements,” it said.

“On top of this, an animal’s natural instinct is to eat more in winter in order to help keep themselves warm too.”

Donations can be made via www.crosskennanlane.org.uk. Help can also be offered by leaving a message on 028 9446 5384.