Fry’s delight at gay marriage vote

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry said he is “dizzyingly” happy since marrying his boyfriend four months ago - and is delighted that same sex couples in Ireland now can tie the knot as well.

The presenter, actor and comedian married 27-year-old partner Elliot Spencer in January and admitted that their relationship had a lot to do with his contentment.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, Fry also spoke candidly about how he overcame his cocaine addiction and admitted to being a secret Eurovision fan.

However, it was his comments about the Yes vote in Ireland’s gay marriage referendum which got the biggest round of applause from a sell out crowd.

He said: “I congratulate the people of Ireland - I’m happy they’ve decided to respect the sanctity of marriage.

“It’s not about being right or expressing how clever and smart and progressive we are - it’s about giving others permission to join in

“Married life has suited me wonderfully. I’m dizzyingly happy and I’m looking well particularly because of that - and I’m as well fed as always.”

Fry, who spoke at Hay to promote the third volume of his memoirs More Fool Me, also spoke about how his cocaine addiction - which reached its peak in the 1980s - was expensive, wasteful and “monumentally stupid”.

However, he believed that the Class A drug had not done him any lasting harm and did not believe in being too self-critical about his addiction.

In a live interview with festival director Peter Florence, Fry said: “I don’t think I’m going to lie on my death bed regretting that much.”

Fry also spoke about how he has spent three months in Central America filming a new TV project - and insisted he did not just love “highbrow” culture.

Name-checking Oscar Wilde, Beethoven and Wagner, he said: “My heroes are quite serious artists....(but) I couldn’t live up to them in any respect.

“I love truly great artists but I like the artistic equivalent to a tin of beans. I like entertainment.

Drawing laughter from the crowd, he added: “What will I be missing tonight? Eurovision!”