Funeral for owner of Greysteel atrocity Rising Sun bar

Eight people died in the atrocity at the Rising Sun bar in Greysteel
Eight people died in the atrocity at the Rising Sun bar in Greysteel

The funeral has been held for the owner of the Rising Sun bar in Greysteel who was in the premises 22 years ago when eight people were murdered by the UFF.

The Co Londonderry village was “in mourning” for James Moore, who was known locally as “a character”.

Mr Moore – whose 81-year-old father, also called James, was shot dead during the UFF massacre after two gunmen shouted “trick or treat” before opening fire – carried on as owner of the Rising Sun bar after his father’s murder.

Sinn Fein councillor for the area, Dermot Nicholl, who attended Mr Moore’s Requiem Mass in the Star of the Sea Church in Faughanvale, said: “The chapel was full for a very dignified service, which was just they way Jim was.”

Mr Nicholl, who said he wanted to speak “simply as a resident of Greysteel”, added: “This is a sad day in Greysteel because Jim was a very popular man.”

He said Mr Moore “had a sense of humour, was very sporty, a very good barman, a caring family man and a fun and bubbly sort of a person”.

“He was very community orientated and very much part of the village.

“Jim was a character who enjoyed a laugh and he will be missed, but today there is a grieving family.”

James Moore is survived by his wife Rose, children James and Sharon and his grandchildren.

He is also survived by siblings Colm, Desmond, Loreen and Eamon.

At the time of the Rising Sun atrocity customers in the bar thought it was a Halloween prank.

The victims of the Greysteel massacre were: James Moore, 81; Karen Thompson, 19, and 20-year-old boyfriend Stephen Mullan; Joseph McDermott, 60; Moira Duddy, 59; John Moyne, 50, and former UDR man John Burns, 54.

Meanwhile, Samuel Montgomery, 76, died the following April from injuries sustained during the atrocity.

Another 13 people were wounded by the gunmen.

The Rising Sun bar bears a memorial outside to those who lost their lives – ‘May their sacrifice be our path to peace’.

The attack was carried out a week after the Shankill bombing on October 23, 1993, in which 10 people died, including IRA bomber Thomas Begley.