Fury over vigil planned for dead hunger striker Raymond McCreesh

A poster being circulated to publicise the rally
A poster being circulated to publicise the rally

A DUP MLA and a victims campaigner have hit out at a planned rally for dead IRA man Raymond McCreesh.

The planned gathering comes amid a renewed push to remove the name of the dead paramilitary hunger striker from a children’s play park in Newry.

Newry and Armagh MLA William Irwin said of the planned rally at the park (set for 2pm on Sunday) that “no terrorist should be lauded or eulogised in any way”.

He said it is especially concerning that it will be held on council property.

South Armagh victims’ campaigner William Frazer also criticised plans for the event.

He said: “I call on the council to intervene to ensure this event does not go ahead, this is publicly funded ground, to allow such and event would add deep insult to the families furthering their hurt and discomfort. I am strongly considering a counter protest on Sunday, the voice of the innocent victims must and will be heard.

“The Kingsmills families, have been in touch with our office, they are devastated, this is the outworkings of the equality agenda that republicans tell us about, If organisers have not received permission, this event needs stopped by police.”