Gardening: Time to plant bulbs for spring colour

Narcissus Replete Improved
Narcissus Replete Improved

It’s almost time to start planting bulbs for spring colour. Hannah Stephenson checks out some of the best performers and asks if organic bulbs are likely to produce better blooms

Summer is nearly over and canny gardeners will now be stealing a march on spring by ordering their bulbs for autumn planting, or visiting local garden centres to see what’s on offer.

There’s a wealth of choice, with growers coming up with new ranges every year, but here are some which may be worth seeking out:

Dazzling daffodils

l For those who prefer subtle hues and prolific blooms, check out Narcissus ‘Obdam’, a pretty double-flowered variety which flowers in March and April, growing to 30-40cm. It is highly fragrant with soft double creamy-white flowers. (10 bulbs, £6.99,

l Lavish ruffles of peachy-pink petals form eye-catching flowers up to 10cm (4in) across in the gorgeous variety N. ‘Replete Improved’. Undemanding and easy to grow, they are ideal for borders, rockeries and containers, or grow them in bold drifts naturalised in grass. They grow to 45cm (18in). (10 bulbs, £14.99,

l Among the best bicoloured scented daffodil is N. ‘Galactic Star’, which has sturdy stems topped with large, frilly white cups which start out pale yellow, backed by yellow petals with an unusual white base. (10 bulbs, £9.99,

Tempting tulips

l Try the vibrant Darwin hybrid Tulipa ‘World’s Fire’, which has large, single scarlet flowers with a faint golden pinstripe edging. Growing from 45-60cm (18-24in), it’s a strong and reliable performer and one to plant in drifts to make a bold statement, blooming from mid-April and into May. (10 bulbs, £6.95,

l Another sizzling spring tulip is Tulip ‘Fire Wings’, with pointed, winged petals that open out in a vibrant clash of red and yellow, adding fire and heat to your spring bulb displays. Easy to grow, with good weather resistance, it should return year after year, providing seasonal colour in borders and containers, growing to 60cm (24in). (16 bulbs, £11.99,

l For a more blousy type, try the double early Tulipa ‘La Belle Epoque’, which is reminiscent of a peony and blends coffee into apricot and pink. It grows to 50cm, flowering in May. (10 bulbs, £8.99,

Colourful Crocus

l These pint-sized beauties are among the first to herald spring and are often naturalised in lawns and woodland areas. While Dutch crocus boast the biggest blooms, there are some other more unusual varieties including the botanical crocus, Versicolour picturatus, with diamond white petals and delicate purple stripes. (15 bulbs, £9.99,

Mini muscari

l Grape hyacinths look fantastic planted in single colours in terracotta pots, in swathes of blue or white. A particularly vivid variety is M. armeniacum. (10 bulbs, £2.95,

Awesome Alliums

l For a late-blooming variety, try Allium Summer Drummer.

One of the last alliums to flower, blooming through July and into August, it has tightly packed flower heads which are lavender gradually fading to white.

Growing to 120cm (4ft), 
it’s a superb border specimen and is 
wonderful for cutting. (3 bulbs, £9.95,