Garth Brooks: Amost half doomed concert tickets refunded

Garth Brooks wanted to play five Dublin concerts
Garth Brooks wanted to play five Dublin concerts

Almost 200,000 Garth Brooks fans have already been refunded the cost of their tickets for the doomed concerts in Dublin.

In a statement released yesterday, Ticketmaster said the process of returning the money – around 25 million euros – to all 400,000 ticket holders was “proceeding as planned”.

Promoter Peter Aiken has said he stands to lose more than one million euros as a result of the five proposed shows not going ahead.

The Ticketmaster statement said: “As stated previously please allow 7/10 working days for the refund to take effect. We are continuing to receive refund requests from customers and will be working through those as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Customers who bought their tickets with a credit card will have their money refunded automatically, but it could take between seven and 10 working days for the funds to appear in bank accounts.

Anyone who purchased tickets by other means, including those who braved the winter weather to camp out in queues last January, have to download a refund form or collect one in person from a ticket outlet.

Those who bought tickets from unauthorised sources could lose out completely unless they can contact the seller to enquire about a refund – but this might not be possible in some cases.