Garth Brooks: Daytime option ‘not feasible’

Garth Brooks during a press conference on Thursday
Garth Brooks during a press conference on Thursday

Aiken Promotions issued a brief statement yesterday stating that the option of matinees on Saturday and Sunday was not feasible.

The crux of the licensing issue involved the deal to allow the redevelopment of Croke Park in the 1990s which limited the number of concerts at the venue to three a year, a figure already reached when One Direction wowed tens of thousands of fans earlier in the summer.

Clearly frustrated by the saga as he announced details of new studio recordings and plans for a world tour, Brooks branded the Irish concert licensing system flawed and called for it to be shelved as a one-off for him and his fans.

While he later tempered his remarks he remained convinced his run of shows should be treated as the exception and someone in a position of power should overrule the city’s planning chiefs.

“The system is flawed,” the singer said. “It’s not my country to say that so let me take that back. It’s my opinion that the Irish system got some weight on it and buckled.”

The only other time concert promoters in Ireland can recall a licence for a major entertainment event being refused was 11 years ago when the renewed Lisdoonvarna Festival was blocked by the county council. All other major ticketing events are sold subject to licence with local planners ruling on the final green light close to the date.

Brooks and the promoters sold 400,000 tickets at about 65 euro (£52) a head – 26 million euro (£21 million).

He said he had been looking for a simple fix. He said at all stages in the planning, including monthly meetings since the comeback was announced in January, no issues were thrown up by the council.