Garth Brooks promoter ‘disappointed’ at gigs row

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

The News Letter had asked Aiken Promotions yesterday whether Garth Brooks fans would be getting their money back for two cancelled Dublin gigs.

The query came amid news that Dublin City Council has refused permission for two of his five Dublin gigs at the end of this month.

The promotions company was also asked if fans would be getting compensation and whether the two gigs could be moved elsewhere and why so many tickets had been sold when no licences had been secured for the dates.

Its PR representative sent out a short statement, reading: “We are very disappointed that Dublin City Council did not grant a licence for all of the five Garth Brooks concerts at Croke Park.

“We will issue a further statement in due course.”

At time of writing last night, nothing else had been received.

Dublin City Council issued a sizeable statement explaining its reasons online last night, saying that more than 370 members of the public had written to them about the application for the gigs, which it had received in April.

The council said that it recognised “both Croke Park Stadium and Aiken Promotions (Ireland) promote and operate well organised and safe events and that these events make a significant contribution to the economy of Dublin”.

But added that “licensing five shows in a row, three of them on weekdays, would lead to an unacceptable level of disruption to their lives/livelihoods over an unprecedented and prolonged period caused by concert-related noise, access restrictions, traffic disruption, illegal parking and potential antisocial behaviour”.

It said it was also worried about what kind of precedent it would set if they allowed a run of huge gigs for five straight nights.

The GAA, which is based at Croke Park, issued a statement noting the council’s decision, but said: “We will fully assess the implications of today’s announcement and will make no further comment before Monday next, July 7.”