Garth Brooks: Ulster fans vent anger over cancelled concerts

John McCallister MLA
John McCallister MLA

Ulster Garth Brooks fans were last night fuming at the cancellation of five nights of planned concerts in Dublin this month – many of them bewailing the money they stand to lose over advance hotel bookings.

Speaking to the News Letter on Facebook, Neil Kinnin said: “It’s one thing to refund the ticket money, but what about the £180 I spent on the hotel? They even had the cheek to add another £100 onto the price as it’s usually £80 per night at that hotel, but because of the Brooks concerts they put it up to £180, can anything be done about that?”

He agreed that he could cancel his booking only to find the concerts reinstated.

“I’ve paid for the hotel so might as well use it now, but I’ll never be buying tickets for a concert in Croke Park ever again,” he said.

Michael Delaney blamed the promoters and Brooks himself.

“It is Aiken Promotions that should be in the dock here, not Dublin, or anyone else, although Brooks has spectacularly spat his dummy,” he said. “Petulant children and rock stars have a lot in common.”

Stephen Hollywood said his booking for the Jurys Hotel was for sale, “Contact Garth Brooks c/o Croke Park,” he said.

Jamie Cotter added: “I can’t understand why the media aren’t making it clear that Aiken promotions put on sale tickets for 5 concerts in Feb before only applying for a licence back in mid April! 3 concerts per year at Croke Park, One Direction used them. What’s hard to understand about that. He was lucky he was granted 3 dates!!”

Daphne Wilson from Lisburn was furious. “I would be banned from Twitter if I said how I really felt about it! What a load of **!!!!” she said.

Former NI21 MLA John McCallister said on Twitter that he had “a shocking confession”. He added: “I’m one of many disappointed fans devastated it’s been cancelled at the last minute. It’s all a mess.”

But Thomas Madill from Antrim had little sympathy. “I am sure you’re used to dealing with it then,” he replied.