Gay group pledges to protest at DUP conference

Gay marriage
Gay marriage

A gay campaign group called ‘Fight4Equality’ said it is to protest at the DUP party conference this weekend.

It said it is targeting the party because of its opposition to gay marriage, and it’s use of a controversial ‘Petition of Concern’ to block a motion in favour of same-sex unions at the start of the month.

It was the fifth time such a motion had been brought to the Assembly since the last Stormont election.

On that occasion on November 2, a slim majority (53 to 52) backed the motion.

However, the DUP’s use of a Petition of Concern – which ensures that the vote must have broad support from both nationalists and unionists – guaranteed that the vote would essentially be null and void.

Campaign spokesperson Courtney Robinson said in a statement: “It seems the DUP is democratic in name only.”