General election 2015: East Antrim

East Antrim - Sammy Wilson, DUP Candidate
East Antrim - Sammy Wilson, DUP Candidate

Sammy Wilson won a vast majority in 2010 – virtually twice that of his UUP rivals.

But nonetheless, he still admitted to feeling a nervous tingle in his stomach as the votes were being tallied on Thursday night.

The ever-lively MP was speaking to the News Letter in the Valley Leisure Centre shortly before 11pm, a mere hour after the polls closed and just minutes after the first boxes arrived at the venue.

He estimated he had personally knocked on around 5,000 doors in East Antrim during the campaign, and asked if he had “butterflies in the stomach” while awaiting the outcome, he said: “There always are. I’ve now fought five elections in East Antrim. All of them, I’ve won comfortably.”

But he added that “whether it was raining, snowing, sleet, hailstones or sun, I’ve been on the doors because I wouldn’t take it for granted like that”.

The only party leader which the News Letter saw by the time the first boxes arrived was the Alliance’s David Ford.

“This is the night that tells us everything,” he said, appearing relaxed and cheerful despite the pressure.

“It’s going to be quite a fascinating few hours ahead of us.”