Gerry Adams’ tweets ‘flippant’

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Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has been criticised for making flippant statements on the social network Twitter about rubber ducks and teddy bears.

Adams who has only recently joined Twitter has been making a series of bizarre comments about ‘Tom and Ted’ to almost 13,000 followers.

His tweets under the account ‏@GerryAdamsSF include:

“There is no Teddy Bear like ur own Teddy Bear’.

‘Ted turned up.Safe&sound.he spent the night with Tom.Tom is nice. A gaeilgeoir.Plays bodhran.Wants 2 move in.Im ok with this.RG is iffy.’

‘Sorry RGMea culpa.Ted just phoned. He is in Bfastalso.He has a date.Wants u 2 pick him up 2mara after Mass.He says u know where? Slán xo’

‘Left Ted in BAC.Methinks RG hide him.Jealousy.Hope he is ok.Miss him 2night.Long but good oul day.cant find my ipad either. Ted have it? zzz’

‘Martin failte romhat. I feel like ur John the Baptist on the twitter.And u kno what happened 2 him.Any idea of what I shud do about Ted&Tom?’

Speaking on RTE, Ann Travers whose sister Mary was shot by the IRA in 1984 said she was at loss at to what Adams was trying to say.

“It’s meaningless really that whenever there is so much going on in the north at the moment, we’re trying to deal with the past in a balanced way so that everybody is treated fairly and then you’ve got flippant tweets like that from the leader of Sinn Fein,” she told RTE.

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