Gerry Anderson was a clever, funny, raconteur – the best

Gerry Anderson
Gerry Anderson

I was deeply sad to hear of the passing of Gerry.

I just hope he didn’t suffer too much over the past couple of years as he didn’t deserve that.

He was a great among broadcasters and in my opinion, in my 40 years in the business, I have never heard a better radio broadcaster.

People have described him as Marmite – you either didn’t like him or you loved him.

But I for one could not understood people who did not appreciate his witty ways.

He had a unique talent for amusing people – in our business he entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

He had also lived a life before broadcasting, which was invaluable for him; he was a guy that had been around a few corners, recalling many of his experiences on air.

His days in the show bands, would have helped him in his broadcasting career because it gave him some knowledge of life and of people.

He was irreplaceable. When Gerry went into a room a light came on.

When he came to the BBC in Belfast I along with many others went to him in the staff restaurant. We loved his way – just to take the hem of his garment...

People try to analyse humour but you are either funny or you are not.

Gerry’s success was that he was a one-off – we will never see his like again.

He could get away with saying words like ‘bloody’ and ‘arse’ on air because he did it in such an inoffensive way.

He will leave a void that may never be filled but we was such a private guy that I am not sure he totally understood the esteem in which he was held.

He will be smiling down on us today at all the fuss and all the people paying him tributes.

Alot of people said he was an eejit but that is not true. He was a clever, funny, raconteur – the best in the business.

I and many others are thinking of his wife Christine and his family at this time.