Green Party’s Euro election candidate ‘offers an alternative’


The Northern Ireland Green Party’s Ross Brown officially confirmed his candidacy for the European election yesterday after lodging his nominations with the Electoral Office in Belfast.

The 28-year-old east Belfast resident said: “I am proud to be standing as Green Party NI candidate for Europe and would relish the opportunity to represent the citizens of Northern Ireland at the European Parliament.

“I have a strong background in economics having worked for the Treasury and a good grounding in Northern Ireland politics as I have worked as a researcher for Green Party MLA Steven Agnew at the Assembly for three years.

“The Green Party has been established locally for over three decades and we offer a genuine alternative to a new generation of voters who want to see our society progress in a meaningful and sustainable way.

“The Green Party is big in Europe already with 48 MEPs in the parliament.”

Mr Brown is also standing as a candidate for Belfast City Council in the Ormiston area of East Belfast.