Happy Easter ... holiday weather settled and mostly dry

Dry weather and some sun is forecast over Easter
Dry weather and some sun is forecast over Easter

Ulster is set to enjoy “settled weather” this Easter weekend and into next week.

Dan Williams from the Met Office said after rain on Saturday morning “there will be an afternoon with no rain but cloudy conditions”.

“It will be a bit breezy but nothing too bad once the rain moves away during the morning,” he added.

“It will be the same conditions around Northern Ireland and the temperature will be between nine and 10 degrees.”

Mr Williams said on Saturday night “high pressure moves in from the west and will remain over the UK for a few days”.

“That means settled weather, light winds, generally dry conditions but also quite a lot of cloud,” he added.

“It will be dry and settled but with breaks in the cloud it will feel a lot more pleasant when the sun gets more strength.

“On Sunday temperatures will be between nine and 12 degrees.

“And on Monday temperatures will be between 11 and 13 degrees, with the warmer temperature inland.

“On Tuesday temperatures will be between 10 and 11 degrees around Northern Ireland.”

Mr Williams added: “The weather will break at the back end of next week.”