Haunting Grenfell Tower footage shows officers climbing blackened stairs

Haunting new footage has been released from inside the remains of Grenfell Tower, four weeks after the fire.

The images from the Metropolitan Police show specialist officers trying to catch their breath as they climbed the blackened staircase.

Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower

Floor numbers have been painted in bright yellow on to the charred walls, to help officers identify what floor they are on.

Sergeant Alistair Hutchins, who was one of the first officers from the Disaster Victim Identification Unit (DVI) to enter the block, said: "We are looking at a fingertip search, of all flats on all floors."

He explained that officers will be on their hands and knees using small trowels, shovels and 6mm size sieves to help find small fragments of bone and teeth, which can be used to identify victims.

The specialist officer also acknowledged the frustration that families of the victims are experiencing due to lack of information, adding: "I deeply, deeply understand the frustration family members have and the answers they want.

"All I can say is please be patient, we are doing our utmost best for you. And we are working as hard as we can."