Abortion Act refusal in NI saved 100,000 lives

A report is launched today which estimates that 100,000 people are alive in Northern Ireland because the Abortion Act of 1967 was not implemented here.

Dawn McAvoy of Both Lives Matter said: “The debate around abortion is in danger of becoming polarised by those only concerned with the unborn child on the one hand and those solely concerned with the rights of the women on the other. The reality is that both lives matter.

“There are people alive in Northern Ireland today who would not have been born if the 1967 Abortion Act had been introduced here. People we all know and love – spouses, children, friends and family. We have always known this to be the case, the question was how many.”

Meanwhile, Alliance MLA David Ford has said he is disappointed his bill on abortion reform to allow termination of pregnancy in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities will fall due to the collapse of the Assembly, but he has pledged if re-elected he will submit it once again.