Ancient Chinese therapy bringing relief to patients in 21st century

Dr Shane Murnaghan and Deborah Fynes

For thousands of years health practitioners in China have used a treatment called ‘cupping’ to help their patients with a wide range of conditions.

Over the years its popularity has risen steadily in the West and came most recently to the fore during the Olympic Games when swimmers like Michael Phelps were spotted with telltale circles on their body after they underwent a ‘cupping’ session.

The treatment is available at the Murnaghan Clinic in Dublin and such was the demand for their services, Dr Shane Murnaghan and Deborah Fynes, started to run clinics in Belfast and at the David Wood Ulster Grand Prix House at Dundrod.

Dr Shane is renowned for inventing ‘Gravity’, a simple, biomechanical device that is literally changing people’s lives all over the world.

Gravity’ involves a neck cradle and a sacral cradle, both with raised areas, of varying heights, which stimulate the nerve endings in the neck and at the base of the spine, encouraging the body to rest, relax, and realign itself naturally,

“Gravity is a biomechanical device that accelerates recovery from muscular pain and spinal imbalance and in the last three years since we began to offer the treatment, the results have been incredible,” explained Dr Shane.

Now Dr Shane and his colleague Deborah combine ‘Gravity’ with a range of other treatments, tailored to suit each individual patient, including the ancient Chinese practice of ‘cupping’.

“In the hands of an experienced cupping therapist lying down feels like you are being stretched like a pizza base master, except slowly and with great ease,” explained Dr Shane.

“Human skin has many layers and a sophisticated drainage system that when utilised properly is powerful in fighting many diseases and sicknesses we face regularly. Being the largest organ in the body, the skin should be respected more as it is an incredible system of maintenance and a demonstration of good health.

“Glowing skin, clear complexion, fresh faced and without cellulite are major facets of youthfulness, health and energy. As the first layer of us, skin deals with coldness, dampness, heat, UV radiation, infection, trauma and toxins,

“The environment as the seasons change can cause illness too that we can effect by the skin being in good health.

“Dampness, damp clothes, wet hair, fog all go to affect the lungs and the bowels to cause chest infections and colic cramps. Dampness in the spleen creates stomach bloating, cellulite, slow recovery from colds and flu, and weakness throughout the body.

“Heat in the liver causes anger and insomnia as well as painful menstruation in women. Coldness in the kidneys causes back pain, weak legs, short-term memory problems and poor hearing.

“Even down the spine the points at skin level each side of the spine control the energy levels getting to the organs and when weak, we feel spinal stiffness.

“The cupping system draws out the stagnated fluid from the skin and its deeper regions, to allow the fresh flow of fluids and energy to affect the whole body.

“Problems like trigger points, fibromyalgia and poor muscle function post injury are greatly assisted by cupping. To us, pain is stagnation, stagnation is stiffness and lack of flow. Non-invasive but powerfully effective, the vacuum effect lifts the skin, fascia and the other layers like remaking a bed so that after the session you feel more springy, loose, healthier and well put together.

“A series of sessions, usually four, is considered a treatment at the Gravity Clinic. We also advise a Gravity session thrown in to maximise the feeling of relaxation throughout the body as the tension releases tightness from head to toe, as well as the specific area being targeted, this increases more the body’s response and a fantastic feeling of wellness.”

To book an appointment with Dr Murnaghan at the Dundrod clinic, visit or telephone 00353 834384977.

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