Caffeine and sugar content of some leading UK energy drinks

Energy drinks
Energy drinks

Here is a look at the caffeine and sugar content of some of the leading energy drink brands in the UK.

Monster original - 500ml can

Sugar content: 55g

Caffeine content: 32mg/100ml

Relentless - 500ml can

Sugar content: 24g

Caffeine content: 32mg/100ml

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Red Bull - 250ml can

Sugar content: 27.5g

Caffeine content: 32mg/100ml

Boost - 250ml can

Sugar content: 12.3g

Caffeine content: 30mg/100ml

V Ultimate Guarana Energy Drink - 250ml can

Sugar content: 11.3g

Caffeine content: 31mg/100ml

Instant coffee

Sugar content: 0g

Caffeine content: 26mg/100ml