Co Antrim woman humbled by pledges of £150,000 for husband’s tumour treatment

Kevin Carey has undergone specialist neurosurgery as he bids to beat a brain tumour
Kevin Carey has undergone specialist neurosurgery as he bids to beat a brain tumour

A wife who pleaded for help to fund pioneering treatment to fight her husband’s terminal brain tumour says she is shocked and humbled after being deluged with over £150,000 worth of donations in less than three days.

Natasha Carey set up the online funding page on Tuesday to give her husband Kevin a fighting chance of beating cancer through costly immunotherapy.

The 35-year-old engineer was given just three months to live in July after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed to halt the growth of the aggressive tumour.

After last month’s bleak prognosis, the engineer from the village of Portglenone, Co Antrim underwent further specialist neurosurgery in London.

The operation removed the bulk of the tumour, but a malignant rump remains and he has been told the only real option left is a cutting-edge immunotherapy procedure.

The treatment is only available privately in London and will cost the couple £205,000.

The response to Mrs Carey’s heartfelt appeal for support to raise the money has been remarkable. Less than 72 hours after going live, the couple are already around three quarters of the way to the total they need to pay for the treatment.

“I’m in utter shock and stunned at the huge surge of support,” she said.

“We really feel the love and strength everyone is sending Kevin and I, through messages of support and generous donations.”

Mrs Carey said many families who have lost loved ones to similar tumours have been in touch to offer encouragement.

“Kevin is blown away and completely humbled by the response and the kindness shown by friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, media and most of all strangers,” she said.

“We are both very touched, and really feel we aren’t alone.”

She added: “Kevin is the bravest, most fearless man I know, and replied to the three-month life expectancy news with ‘I won’t be beaten, I want to fight’.”