Consultation on e-cigarette ban for under-18s

Edwin Poots
Edwin Poots

Plans are afoot to bar the sale of electronic cigarettes to under-18s.

Health minister Edwin Poots has announced he is opening up the proposed law to public consultation until November 21.

The provisions on e-cigarettes form part of a wider consultation on a draft bill which also contains proposals for amending the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) (NI) Act 2008.

The minister said in a statement: “The popularity of e-cigarettes has grown rapidly in recent years. While they are likely to be less harmful than tobacco products, e-cigarettes are currently unregulated and, as such, we cannot confidently state that they are safe to use.

“At present, there are no legal restrictions on the age of sale for e-cigarettes.

“Given that the nicotine levels and additional chemical components can vary from product to product, I believe that they should be age restricted in line with alcohol and tobacco products and should not be available for sale to children and young people”.

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