From Latvia to Ulster - helping others with health kinesiology

Dace Delaney

I started practising health kinesiology in 2012 after totally reinventing myself. Currently I am the only health kinesiology practitioner in Northern Ireland, based in Belfast.

The trigger point for reinventing myself was very practical – I left Latvia and came to live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. What a dramatic move, one might think. But in reality it was a very simple leap of love and faith.

After that I simply had no choice but to reinvent myself.

And I knew exactly what I wanted to do – kinesiology. Kinesiology had helped me back in Latvia, so that was quickly decided. And I haven’t looked back.

Although it did not start with kinesiology those many years ago, to be honest.

When I was 20, doctors found a possible problem in my brain and I was advised to have brain surgery. I thought then, hmm, sounds very serious but what needs to be done needs to be done... That’s how I thought back then. And that’s how many people think today. I understand that.

But thank goodness, when I discussed it with my mother – and all her life she has worked as a nurse – she just looked at me and said – No! To cut into your brain! Are you out of your mind?

So my mother took me to some older woman who was quite popular in helping people with weird methods. And the old woman said – “yes, you have a black toad sitting right there..” That was her way of identifying imbalances.

Then she did some work, touching and holding points on my head and body and gave me a remedy to take for a month. A month later the doctors examined my brain again and found nothing wrong.

Since then I’ve lived like that – I always look out for alternative solutions. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying to walk away from traditional medicine, quite the contrary.

What this episode taught me was that the healing starts with a person’s own permission to heal. And it may also start with looking for alternative and complementary solutions. Traditional and complementary therapies go very successfully hand in hand.

Also now many of my clientèle are pregnant or breast-feeding women, who want to stay pharmaceutical free during this period of life, as well as people who feel that prescription drugs are not the sole answer to life’s challenges.

Since I started practising I see this as my calling – to encourage people to look out for what else is possible to bring about health and feelings of wellness. There is not always just one recipe for recovery, just as there is not one sole scenario of how things can develop. There are variants.

During a session my role is very simple – I am a humble translator of what your own body’s wisdom is telling you. What it wants to restore healthy functioning and its natural ability of self-healing.

Health kinesiology is amazing. One of my favourite procedures is one that combines health kinesiology energy corrections with the clients’ own participation to break unhealthy or annoying habits.

Be it physical habits – biting fingernails, picking nose, speaking with mouth full, biting pen, sleeping with make-up on, spitting, biting lips, cheek biting.

Or verbal habits – actual words or sounds such as ‘er’ ‘um’ ‘ah’ said... Or stammering, swearing, lying, even internal self criticisms.

Or behavioural habits - emotional shopping, smoking, habitual overeating or over-drinking, etc

If a person cannot break a habit no matter what they try, then most likely there is some subconscious resistance. Health kinesiology corrections help clear that resistance and breaking a habit may then take sometimes only counted days.

In addition, the whole process empowers people and gives them a sense of achievement, which in its own right then makes them value themselves higher and adds to the confidence and self-esteem.

*Dace Delaney (KFRP) is a fully registered practitioner with the Kinesiology Federation. For more information tel: 07403348594 or email:

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