Kyle Paisley says surgery for serious back injury has been a success

Rev Ian Paisley photographed in 1999
Rev Ian Paisley photographed in 1999
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Ian Paisley’s Free Presbyterian minister son has said that he is recovering well after surgery for a serious back injury.

The Rev Kyle Paisley, who is a minister in east Anglia, said that he had “badly damaged three vertebra as the result of a nasty fall and had spinal fusion surgery”.

He told the News Letter: “It’s a month since the surgery, and I have made excellent progress. I had a check-up yesterday. X-rays show everything is in very good order. I am hoping at my next appointment in the Autumn to be discharged.

“I couldn’t praise the surgical and nursing staff and physios at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital enough for getting me back on my feet.”

The Rev Paisley, who is the twin brother of North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jr, added: “My first-hand experience of the work of the NHS has given me a real appreciation of the system.

“The good work that goes on deserves proper publicity and acknowledgement, and government ministers should go more than the extra mile to strengthen the health service.

“Above all I am grateful to the good Lord for answering the prayers of Christian friends from many different churches. This has been vital to my recovery.”