New year, new you? Take your goals ‘step by step’

People making New Year resolutions need to visualise how they would be different says Helen McDonnell
People making New Year resolutions need to visualise how they would be different says Helen McDonnell

With New Year’s resolutions high on many to-do lists, personal and professional development coach Helen McDonnell advises Ulster folk to take their goals “step by step”.

The Londonderry-based coach, who works throughout the Province, said: “You have to have a vision of what you want. If it is losing weight, getting fit, getting a new job or changing a habit then people have to think about what this would give them and how they would behave if they had that.

“Say they wanted to lose weight they need to visualise how would they be different and they should start stepping into that person. An example is, if they were thin would they really eat that second bar of chocolate.

“It is about stepping into the person they want to be before achieving it.”

Ms McDonnell, 48, added that New Year’s Day is “just another day” and “little revolutions change your thought patterns”.

She said through her work she helps people “be the best version of themselves”.

“I help people fit in their skin,” she said.

“Loads of people come to me with very different issues and situations but if I can help someone fit in their skin and develop their inner confidence the sky is the limit.

“It is such a rewarding job because you get a little insight into what makes people tick and the amazing minds people have. It is a matter of unlocking that.”

She said another mistake people make is thinking they have “no control”.

“My coaching approach helps people see they do have control and at every point people have a choice,” she said. “It is about gaining that little bit of control back and feeling empowered, realising you are in the driving seat. The only person stopping you doing anything is yourself.

“It can be such a simple thing but it is incredible when someone changes their mindset and they see a different picture and get a different perspective and it opens up a new world.”

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