Non-emergency care needs work, says leading academic

Dr Greg Parston
Dr Greg Parston

A leading academic has said more work is needed in dealing with non-emergency care to ease pressure on the Province’s A&E units.

Dr Greg Parston, executive advisor at the Institute for Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, said: “We have an over demand for A&E services but not an over demand for appropriate A&E care.

“We have an over demand from people who are in need of health care, but some of it is urgent, some of it is casual, and only some of it is a real emergency.

“If we were able to deal with non-emergency care in better ways then we wouldn’t have the crises that we currently have.

“For emergency care, we could go to the super emergency type centres in order to concentrate expertise and improve quality – that’s a problem of being able to put in place effective transport and IT to link and distribute those centres.”

Dr Parston added: “If somebody’s got something seriously wrong, like a crushed skull, for example, you don’t want to go to an A&E that’s only dealt with that once a month – you want to go to some place that deals with that every day, and the way you do that is to consolidate the very highly specialised emergency services into the kind of centres that politicians are talking about.”