RNLI campaign warns of dangers of water

The RNLI rescued 340 people in NI in 2014
The RNLI rescued 340 people in NI in 2014

Lifeboat charity the RNLI is launching a publicity drive to warn the public of dangers posed by water.

Called ‘Respect the Water’, the campaign warns that some water can be “dangerously unpredictable”.

It said that the campaign will run on radio, outdoors and online.

It also includes two advertisements to be screened in Northern Irish cinemas over the summer.

The first film entitled ‘Breathe’ reveals that while the average person can hold their breath for 45 seconds, in cold water they might not last 10.

The second film shows the unpredictability of the water and how quickly conditions can turn.

Both films have received a 15 age rating.

Eight people lost their lives around Northern Ireland’s coast last year – but five of them did not set out to enter the water.

The RNLI rescued 340 people in the Province in 2014, and estimated 12 lives were saved.