‘Unusual’ level of demand at A&E unit


An unusually high number of patients attending A&E at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast last night led to some being transferred to other sites.

A spokesman for the Belfast Health Trust said it had been a “particularly unusual” day resulting in up to 30 patients having to wait on trollies.

The latest pressure on the service comes just weeks after there were 130 people – 29 on trollies – waiting to be treated.

In early January, the Belfast trust declared a “major incident” when it was reported that up to 42 people were lying on trollies in A&E due to overcrowding.

Commenting on last night’s situation, the spokesman said 20 patients were being transferred to beds in the City Hospital, while a further 17 beds had been made available at the RVH.

The spokesman added: “It has been very, very busy since midday today.”