US politician's offer in Charlie Gard case 'shedding more heat than light'

Charlie Gard
Charlie Gard

A United States politician who has offered Charlie Gard "permanent resident status" in America so he can "get the medical treatment he needs" is shedding more heat than light on a very difficult case, a legal expert has suggested.

Jeff Fortenberry, a congressman who represents Nebraska, has tweeted a message saying: "We just passed amendment that grants permanent resident status to #CharlieGard and family so Charlie can get the medical treatment he needs."

President Donald Trump and Pope Francis have also sent messages relating to the dispute.

But barrister Zimran Samuel, who specialises in family law issues, says the case is not about "residence".

"The case has never been about residence," said Mr Samuel, who is based at Doughty Street Chambers in London.

"It is about following the medical evidence and doing what is in this child's best interests.

"That is what the High Court is doing."

He added: "I am not convinced by the well-intended statements from religious figures and politicians which continue to shed more heat than light in what is obviously a very difficult case."

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