‘We have a moral duty to use speeding fines to pay for road safety’: MLA

Robin Swann MLA
Robin Swann MLA

The Executive has a “moral obligation” to invest money raised from speeding fines into road safety initiatives, an MLA has claimed.

Information received from a written Assembly question has revealed that almost £4.5m has been generated from speed camera fines in the last four years.

However, none of this has been reinvested in road safety initiatives since 2012.

Ulster Unionist MLA Robin Swann, who submitted the question to the Justice Minister, said: “It is clear that road safety is not receiving the attention it deserves.

“Surely there is an overwhelming moral obligation on the Executive to use at least some of the funds received from speeding fines to encourage road safety and ultimately reduce deaths on our roads.”

The News Letter contacted the Department of Justice, but had received no response at the time of writing.