‘Hell is too good for them,’ NI academic says of no-deal Brexiteers

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A Northern Ireland academic has been slammed on social media after stating that “hell is too good” for no-deal Brexiteers.

John Brewer, who is who is Professor of Post Conflict Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, was responding to remarks made earlier today by European Commission president Donald Tusk, who suggested there will be a “special place in hell” for those who promoted Brexit without any plan for how to safely deliver it.

Prof Brewer tweeted: “Special place in hell for no deal Brexiteers? Hell is too good for them.”

His comments provoked a backlash, with some describing the tweet as “shameful” and “appalling”.

One person wrote: “Surely a comment like that is completely contrary to your position as an educator?”

Another replied: “You really should consider the position you are in before spouting such politically motivated hatred.”

Professor  John Brewer

Professor John Brewer

Prof Brewer has previously written about the need for forgiveness after conflict and “public tolerance and compromise”.

Earlier today, DUP MP Sammy Wilson branded Mr Tusk a “devilish, trident wielding, euro maniac” and accused him of showing “contempt” for Brexit voters.