Holylands trouble: Residents ‘must expect it’, says student

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A student from south Belfast says that residents in the Holylands area “must expect” annual trouble in the area as part of the build-up to St Patrick’s Day.

The 18-year-old student from south Belfast, who gave his name only as ‘Ross’, told the News Letter he was not living in the Holylands area but was visiting fellow students there.

The News Letter put it to him that a 12-year-old boy in the area the night before was so scared by the scale and sounds of smashing doors and windows that he had to sleep in his granny’s bed.

Her four grandchildren were supposed to be in her house yesterday but were too scared to be in the area, she said.

The News Letter detailed how she had suffered verbal abuse, indecent exposure and doors and windows being smashed on her street the night before.

“It is pretty inappropriate that,” he replied.

“It is not something that occurs very often and it is St Paddy’s Day – it is the build up. If you are in the area you kind of have to expect it in a way.”

In response to the point that the lady is a lifetime resident of the area, he replied: “Well St Paddy’s Day has been going on for a long time.

“They don’t deserve it but they can’t not expect it if they live around the Holylands. It is known for that.”

As for her being ‘born and bred’ in the area, he replied: “[Then] she would know exactly what is to come.”

He said he had “sympathy for her” if her door had been kicked in.

When it was pointed out it was not her door that had been smashed but other doors on her street, he added: “It is not a very nice thing to happen to you but, again, it is the nature of the event.”