Human rights on agenda for Nesbitt-Cameron meeting

Mike Nesbitt, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party
Mike Nesbitt, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party

The idea of a UK Human Rights Bill is among the issues UUP leader Mike Nesbitt says he will discuss with David Cameron on Monday.

The party said that the meeting will be the first time in a decade that he Prime Minister has meet a UUP leader straight after a general election.

Mr Nesbitt said among the matters they will discuss are the Northern Irish economy (particularly the issue of corporation tax), and the Province’s “appalling rates of poor mental health”.

When it comes to the discussion on human rights, Mr Nesbitt said: “Our attempts at Dealing with the Past are dogged by the need to comply with Article Two of the European Convention on Human Rights as defined by European case law. The issue is not the Article itself, but how it has been interpreted by the European courts.”

He said that a British Bill could help overcome these difficulties and help the Province “press on with the backlog of legacy inquiries”.

Mr Nesbitt added: “I will be asking the Prime Minister if he is considering downgrading Strasbourg rulings from compulsory to advisory.”