‘I love being at home - but check my emails on holiday!’

Carla Lockhart
Carla Lockhart

When it comes to a work life balance, Carla Lockhart laughs that hers is more a ‘work work’ balance.

She hasn’t entirely nailed the ability to switch off, or hide her mobile phone out of sight.

“I am actually a home bird - if I do get some time off work, I love just getting my home sorted. I was on a cruise last year though, and I really enjoyed that.

“Sometimes it’s nice just to get away. I have to say, though, even when I am away I do check my emails and follow up on my social media!”

Anyone who is friends with Carla on Facebook or who follows her on Twitter will know that she is a prolific user of social media.

Her news feed is constantly highlighting the work she’s been doing to help her constituents, the meetings she’s been at, and the events she’s attended.

And she finds social media a vital tool for communicating with the people she seeks to represent.

“At the end of the day, if something happens in your constituency, you have to be there; you have to react to it and demonstrate leadership.”

Indeed, Carla believes she, at times, has a tendency to “take on too much and overload myself”, but she works tirelessly through her duties.

However there is one thing that this svelte young lady does not have to work too hard at - her figure.

Pin-thin and petite, the diminutive blonde makes a revelation that many of her female counterparts may struggle to comprehend - she doesn’t like chocolate. Or ice cream.

“I wouldn’t be a big eater,” she confesses. “But I do eat what I like. I always say I take after my dad’s family.”

She shakes her head when I ask her if she gets time to go to the gym.

“I’m quite unfit, I think. I did the Belfast Marathon a number of years ago and would love to do it again, but the election is my focus this year.”

Fashion, she insists, and how she looks, is not, in spite of the fact that she is always impeccably turned out.

“I do like my fashion and I do like my style, but it’s not a focus. I just like to be well dressed and I like to be dressed for the occasion that I’m going to. I want people to assess me on my capability and my ability to do the job.”