‘I’m disgusted ... I think he could’ve done more’

Louise Murray and her friends jubilant after securing Garth Brooks tickets
Louise Murray and her friends jubilant after securing Garth Brooks tickets

A Co Antrim mother-of-three who queued for 26 hours in January for a Garth Brooks ticket has said: “I will not be making an effort to see him again.”

Five concerts by the country superstar, scheduled for Dublin’s Croke Park later this month, were cancelled on Tuesday after complaints by residents, and after Dublin council granted a licence for just three of the shows.

Brooks then said he would only play all five shows or none at all.

Louise Murray, 34, from Randalstown, said she was “disgusted because the whole thing was handled so, so badly”.

“If more dates are added for Garth Brooks I will not be getting tickets,” she said.

“I am more disgusted with him. I think he could have done more to be honest. He should have done the first three dates and rescheduled the other two.

“I think Garth has got above himself that he was going to call the shots and if they don’t agree with it, so be it.

“Someone asked me if I wanted to get tickets to see him at Wembley stadium – but I am not going.

“I think a lot of people feel the same way. I cannot blame the residents of Croke Park at all for complaining when the three shows were already held. They are blocked into their homes enough.

“But I feel really sorry for the people who bought tickets at twice or three times the market price because they are only going to get the standard price back.

“They will get £59.50 for a ticket they paid maybe £300 for.

“At least I am getting back the amount I paid for it in the first place. I am not any worse off, just disappointed. It could have been an awful lot worse.”

Mrs Murray said she and nine other friends had camped out in Magherafelt, Co Londonderry, to secure tickets “in the freezing cold of January”.

She said: “A group of us camped out and that is what made it worse to be honest.

“If we had bought the tickets online or by phone it would have been a lot easier to take, but when you go to that kind of effort it is much harder.

“I got my ticket from Top40 in Magherafelt. We all sat out from 7pm the night before we got the tickets.

“So it was 26 hours of sitting out. But there were people there longer than us, some had been there for two days.

“That’s what made it so hard on Tuesday. We were so happy when we got our tickets after that long wait.”

Mrs Murray said she was happy she got “a refund on our hotel”.

“A lot of the hotels have been very good that way since this happened,” she added.

“But we have made new plans for the dates of the concert – we have rescheduled our day to go to Belfast and spend all our money there.”