Ian Paisley compares Brexit deal vote to ‘a hanging’

A DUP MP has compared the forthcoming vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal to a “hanging”.

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley said the Prime Minister is “staring into the abyss” ahead of the crucial vote in Parliament, due to take place next week.

Ian Paisley pictured in Ballymena.'Photo credit: Presseye/Stephen Hamilton

Ian Paisley pictured in Ballymena.'Photo credit: Presseye/Stephen Hamilton

Speaking to the BBC in Westminster, Mr Paisley said: “Well I suppose nothing focuses the mind like a hanging.

“Next week, the prime minister will be staring into the abyss in terms of what happens next because she can’t unite her own party around her agreement.

“And whilst our 10 DUP votes will, of course, the fact of the matter is her own party is going to stop this withdrawal agreement from happening.”

He continued: “It’s all very well for her to say she can’t change this - it’s going to have to be changed. It could be changed by her in advance. “She could make the case now, go back to Europe now and start putting those points - be a firm, strong leader. Or she can await the outcome of a vote that would be very embarrassing and, unfortunately, quite humiliating.”

Mr Paisley added: “We’re not in the business of trying to humiliate. We want to get a really good Brexit deal and we need changes to this withdrawal agreement.

“She must focus on that and get that. There’s days to go and this rollercoaster will continue to go before the 11th and after the 11th.”