Impressive Carl Frampton sends home town crowd home happy

Russell Pritchard's stunning picture of Carl Frampton
Russell Pritchard's stunning picture of Carl Frampton

RORY Best, Paddy Barnes, Freddie Flintoff, all the guys from Sky Sports and the 7,000 strong crowd had one thing in common on Saturday night at the Odyssey.

But what was that one thing I hear you ask?

The one thing they all had in common was that they were all impressed by the performance of Carl Frampton as he dismantled two-time World champion Steve Molitor right before our eyes.

It was a demolition job from the Tigers Bay fighter as he stalked, intimidated, bullied, bamboozled and ambushed Molitor right before our very eyes.

I think even Molitor was impressed as he was looking for the exit after Frampton caught him with a shot in the first round.

The Canadian was like a rabbit caught in the headlights as ‘The Jackal’ circled him like a vulture waiting to strike.

The more Frampton bobbed, weaved and feinted in front of Molitor - the more ‘The Canadian Kid’ looked dazed and confused.

At the end of the fourth round as Molitor climbed out of the ropes - his corner asked ‘Are you alright?’ and Molitor nodded ‘yes’ - but for how long?

The answer was not long as after peppering Molitor with a few more punches Molitor was stopped by the referee in the sixth round.

It was a great showing from Frampton and if anyone can bring back the glory days of boxing to Belfast since Barry McGuigan and Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley it could be ‘The Jackal.’

He can box, fight, dig, move and think his way through a fight - which are gifts that very few boxers possess.

He will need a wee bit of luck along the way but why not?

And I for one believe it will not be long before more than Best, Barnes, Flintoff, all the guys from Sky Sports and the 7,000 strong crowd are impressed by the Tigers Bay brawler.

It was also good to see Paul McCloskey return to winning ways on Saturday night as the Dungiven southpaw saw off Manuel Perez on points.

When Paul does what Paul does best - he is a nightmare to fight against.

But ‘Dudey’ please stop pushing your jaw towards your opponent with your gloves down round your waist.

For one you are driving the blood pressure of the guys in your corner through the roof.

Because when you drop your hands - your trainers John Breen and Eamonn Magee - jump up and down in the corner shouting - ‘Get your hands up Paul, get your hands up.’ Or words to that effect!

Also well done to Martin Lindsay, Eamonn O’Kane, Paddy Gallagher and Dee Walsh for winning their fights.

Lindsay and O’Kane’s fights were real barn stormers but as they both came after the Frampton clash - loads of fans had left the stadium to go home. That was a shame because they missed some great action.

O’Kane’s was a real war and in the final round O’Kane’s coaches ‘Nuggat’ Nugent and Alfredo Meli were giving out instructions - ‘don’t stand and fight with him - don’t stand and fight with him,’ as their fighter was ahead by miles on points.

The blows continued to fly in and the corner then said: ‘He’s not listening, he’s not listening - followed by ‘don’t stand and fight with him’ - ‘He’s not listening - DON’T STAND AND FIGHT WITH HIM!’

And the final bell rang.