Increased entry of quality sucklers at Downpatrick with a top price of £845

At the third suckler calf sale on Friday night (7th October 2016) there was a increased entry of quality sucklers that sold to a top price per head of £845.00, with other lots to a top price per kg of £2.81.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12th October 2016, 11:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:22 pm

Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Comber farmer 240kg Ch £675 (2.81ppk) and 284kg Lim £735, Castlewellan farmer 260kg Ch £715 (2.75ppk), Loughinisland farmer 286kg Ch £760 (2.66ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 194kg Lim £515 (2.66ppk), Loughinsland farmer 270kg Ch £717 (2.65ppk), Ballylucas farmer 204kg Lim £525 (2.57ppk), Ballyward farmer 274kg Lim £700 (2.56ppk), Ballyward farmer 294kg Lim £740 (2.52ppk), Leganney farmer 284kg Lim £710 (2.50ppk), Castlewellan farmer 272kg Lim £680 (2.50ppk) and 300kg Lim £710 (2.48ppk), Loughinisland farmer 288kg Lim £715 (2.48ppk), Ballyward farmer 244kg Lim £600 (2.46ppk), Ballylucas farmer 240kg Lim £590 (2.46ppk), Clough farmer 232kg Ch £570 (2.46ppk), Tobercorran farmer 304kg Daq £745 (2.45ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 304kg Lim £740 (2.43ppk), Lisbane farmer 346kg Lim £840 (2.43ppk), Loughinisland farmer 290kg Ch £700 (2.42ppk) and Downpatrick farmer 270kg Sim £650 (2.41ppk).

HEIFERS: Lisbane farmer 240kg Lim £535 (2.23ppk), Hillsborough farmer 270kg Lim £530 (2.20ppk), Portaferry farmer 222kg Lim £480 (2.16ppk), Tyrella farmer 280kg Ch £600 (2.14ppk), Ballylucas farmer 270kg Lim £570 (2.11ppk), Portaferry farmer 298kg Ch £620 (2.08ppk), Saintfield farmer 286kg Lim £590 (2.06ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 282kg Lim £575 (2.04ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 344kg £700 (2.04ppk), Downpatrick farmer 288kg Lim £565 (1.96ppk) and Ballylucas farmer 304kg Lim £590 (1.94ppk).

At the Monday night cattle sale on the 10th October 2016, there was a good entry of quality store cattle that sold to a top price per kg of £1.81 for a Daq heifer from a Downpatrick farmer. Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Downpatrick farmer 608kg Ch £1070 (1.76ppk) and 536kg Ch £920 (1.72ppk) and 544kg Ch £895 (1.65), Ardglass farmer 532kg Sim £890 (1.67ppk) and 474kg Lim £880 (1.86ppk) and 566kg AA £860 (1.52ppk), Ardglass farmer 480kg Ch £850 (1.77ppk), Strangford farmer 526kg Sim £835 (1.59ppk), Drumaness farmer 422kg Ch £830 (1.97ppk), Strangford farmer 498kg Sim £830 (1.67ppk) and 546kg Mb £810 (1.48ppk) and 546kg Lim £790 (1.40ppk) and 564kg Lim £790 (1.40ppk) and 510kg Sim £790 (1.55ppk), Ballynarry farmer 530kg Mb £790 (1.49ppk), Saintfield farmer 540kg Mb £780 (1.44ppk), Strangford farmer 514kg Lim £775 (1.51ppk), Ardglass farmer 506kg Sim £760 (1.51ppk), Strangford farmer 540kg Daq £750 (1.39ppk), Dromara farmer 508kg Mb £750 (1.48ppk) and Castlewellan farmer 484kg Sim £720 (1.49ppk).

Heifers: Castlescreen farmer 554kg Daq £950 (1.81ppk), Castlescreen farmer 568kg Daq £1000 (1.76ppk), Seaforde farmer 744kg AA £1000 (1.35ppk), Castlescreen farmer 532kg Daq £915 (1.72ppk), Seaforde farmer 502kg Daq £870 (1.73ppk), Ballylucas farmer 482kg BB £735 (1.53ppk) and 416kg Lim £675 (1.62ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale last Saturday 8th October 2016, trade remained steady with an average number of all categories of sheep. On the day fat lambs sold to £83.00, fat ewes to £86.00 and light weight stores to £3.43ppk. Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Drumaroad farmer 25kg, £83.00, Killough farmer 26kg, £83.00, Saintfield farmer 25kg, £82.80, Downpatrick farmer 25kg, £82.50, Ballylig farmer 25kg, £82.20, Clough farmer 24kg, £79.20, Hillsborough farmer 24kg, £79.00, Annacloy farmer 23g, £79.00, Ballygowan farmer 24kg, £78.00, Portaferry farmer 24kg, £77.50, Ballynahinch farmer 23kg, £77.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg, £74.50, Saintfield farmer 23kg, £74.00, Dromara farmer 22kg, £72.00 and Ballykinlar farmer 19kg, £66.00.

FAT EWES: Downpatrick farmer £86, Kilkeel farmer £82, Downpatrick farmer £80, Downpatrick farmer £66 and £58.