IRA victim dies 20 years after Canary Wharf bomb

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A woman who said that the 1996 Canary Wharf bombing was still killing her 20 years after the atrocity has died.

Kenny Donaldson of the South East Fermanagh Foundation paid tribute after the death of Gemma Berezag, who was buried on Tuesday.

Her husband Zaoui, 74, was left a completely dependent invalid after the attack.

In February she told the News Letter: “We never had a nice day in our lives since. My husband was a hard worker, nice to his children and nice to me. Now I change his nappy 10 times a day.

“I need financial help for my husband. I cannot even afford the nappies he needs.

“The Government forgot about me. I am 57 but I feel like I am 80. This is still killing me, 20 years after the bomb.”

Mr Donaldson said he was privileged to know Gemma and her family.

“They were given a life sentence through the horrific injuries Zaoui sustained”, he said.

He also said that she had endured a “lack of proper support” in the wake of the bombing.

Jonathan Ganesh of the Docklands Victims Association, said: “We are devastated at the loss of such a tremendous member.”

The bomb at Canary Wharf detonated on February 9, 1996, killing two people, and wounding many more. It ended the IRA’s ceasefire, which had begun in August 1994.