IRA victim’s father in broadside at Dublin

THE father of a woman murdered by Sinn Fein special adviser Mary McArdle launched a major broadside against the Irish establishment for excusing IRA bombings as “political” crimes.

The information was revealed only 24 hours after a former senior RUC officer claimed the Taoiseach also excused the IRA murder of 18 soldiers at Narrow Water 1979 as “a political crime” and forbade the Garda from helping RUC investigations.

On Tuesday night it was confirmed that Sinn Fein special adviser at Stormont Mary McArdle would be stepping down after prolonged criticism from Ann Travers, the sister of the woman she was convicted of murdering.

The IRA killed Mary Travers in a gun attack on her family as they left mass in Belfast in 1984. Her father Tom was a Catholic and a magistrate.

Yesterday Ann Travers confirmed that her father wrote a letter to the Irish Times in 1994 condemning southern politicians and the judiciary for excusing IRA violence.

Mr Travers wrote that he heard the Pope in Drogheda in 1979 say: “Murder is murder and never let it be called by any another name.”

But while “the great and the good of the church, politics and the law murmured their approval” some were “hypocritical” and “must in reality have believed that murder could be called by another name”, he wrote.

He also assumed the Irish state would refuse to extradite his daughter’s killers if they sought refuge there.

“Murder would not then be called murder but would be called by another name,” he wrote.

“Mary’s killers are regarded as patriots; some even call them politicians.”

Yesterday Ann Travers stood over her late father’s words.

“Murder is murder and never let it be called by any another name,” she said.

“I think it quite disgusting that the Irish government would not help in any way the investigation into the Narrow Water bombings in 1979.

“It was not some big war. Not all Catholics in the north felt put down. The Irish government should have helped.

“The murder of my sister was not a political act – it was murder, it was pure evil. ”