Jamie Bryson: UVF were not terrorists

Jamie Bryson
Jamie Bryson
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Ulster People’s Forum chair Jamie Bryson has caused outrage after claiming the UVF were not terrorists.

The prominent flags protestor, when challenged on the issue on Twitter on Monday night said he did not see loyalists as terrorists.

In a number of posts on his official account Mr Bryson said: “Loyalists were not terrorists. The IRA were the terrorists.” He then added: “I would not view the UVF as terrorists no.”

Twitter users expressed their disgust at the view, with some calling the Bangor man “scum”, “attention-seeking”, and one user saying “I almost feel sorry for you.”

Another user queried: “So those loyalists that murdered innocent Catholic civilians weren’t terrorists Jamie?”

Media commentator Alex Kane quoted Mr Bryson on Twitter, adding: “Try telling that to their victims and the families of their victims.”