Jonathan Rea: Wife’s pride in Superbike world champion who ‘doesn’t want to let up’

Jonathan Rea and his wife Tatia
Jonathan Rea and his wife Tatia

Jonathan Rea’s wife has spoken of her pride in the Co Antrim racer’s work ethic after he clinched a record fourth successive World Superbike title on Saturday.

Tatia Rea said her husband is striving hard to stay at the top after breaking a number of records on the way to victory in this year’s championship.

“He works so hard for this. Honestly, I can’t believe how he still wants this, and how he’s still so aggressive like this is the first championship all over again,” she said in a Eurosport TV interview.

“He just doesn’t seem to want to let up, and he just wants it badly. I’m so proud of him. It’s been one of those journeys again. I’m just so overwhelmed ... it’s like no words. Part of me knows he was going to do it but you can never take it for granted.”

Australian-born Tatia is the mother of the couple’s two young sons Jake Elijah and Tyler Jon.

Asked how this racing season has compared to other seasons, she said: “I would say he just matures and gets stronger every year. He knows what he wants. He knows his strengths and he knows his weaknesses.

“He has just come into his own and he wants to be at the top of the game for as long as he can and he just strives so hard to stay there.

“I just stand beside him and support him all I can. It’s not all easy, as any family knows, to be there all the time but we make it work and we’re just so proud that we’re at the top of that tree and we’ll try to stay here as long as we can.”

The pair were married in the English Lake District in July 2012.

Tatia said she was looking forward to enjoying some of the winner’s spoils from the podium.

“I do the drinking in the family so that bottle of prosecco will be mine in about 10 minutes,” she told Eurosport.

On Sunday she tweeted: “I got that bottle of prosecco as promised.”